Kerry Wallaert: Applying Strengths in the Coaching Circle and PhD Exams

When Strengths coach and mentor Kerry Wallaert wants to reflect on her own Strengths, she turns to the ETD Coaching Circle. During her PhD exam preparation process, the group supported her personal growth and professional development.

Kerry Wallaert: Mentoring with a Focus on What is Right with Someone

Kerry Wallaert approaches mentoring with a focus on “what’s right with you.” She emphasizes that Strengths will manifest differently for every person, and she tailors her advising approach to each student’s unique Strengths and specific situation.

Renita Washington: Bringing CliftonStrengths to Academic Advising

Dr. Renita Washington sees the world as a place where everyone has something unique and powerful to contribute to society. As an advisor, facilitator, instructor, and coach, she brings her passion for cultivating excellence in individuals and teams.

Meltem Alemdar and Christopher Cappelli: Innovative Curricular Assessment

Dr. Meltem Alemdar and Christopher Cappelli’s curricular assessment is crucial to research in effective team dynamics. Their cyclical assessment process continuously strengthens the design and implementation of graduate workshop materials.

Stephanie Merrick: Creating a Lasting Impact at Fort Valley State

Dr. Stephanie Merrick’s fun energy is quick to bring a classroom to life. In a recent workshop for the Residential Leadership Community at Fort Valley State University, she encouraged students to “Share It, Aim It, and Claim It.”

Meltem Alemdar and Christopher Cappelli: Collaborative Interdisciplinary Research

Dr. Meltem Alemdar and Christopher Cappelli are no strangers to collaboration – they’ve been working together for nine years! Their cutting-edge research in curricular assessment is a model of harmonious teamwork in action.

Mary Lynn Realff: Team Whisperer

Dr. Mary Lynn Realff’s passion for teaching team skills students urgently need in academic and industry settings led her to establish the ETD Initiative. As Director, she is energized by finding new ways to help faculty, staff, and students develop their strengths.

Alex Berry: An Alumnus MVP on Teamwork, Mentorship, and Storytelling

By any definition, Alex Berry is a team player. Part of the group that brought a large grant in for ETD’s development in 2016, Alex’s enthusiasm for collaborative problem-solving has left the 2017 graduate with a robust legacy at Georgia Tech.

How to Collaborate Remotely: One Student Team’s Success Story

How do we team remotely? It’s more important than ever to develop clear communication strategies. A team of Computer Science majors working on an independent summer project share tips to stay on track and stay positive.

Daily Digest Feature: Cultivating Effective Team Dynamics While Collaborating Remotely

We’re featured in the Daily Digest! This article by the Institute Communications team shares how we’re supporting faculty, staff, and students across campus in cultivating effective team dynamics while collaborating remotely.

Christie Stewart: Creating a Culture of Resilience

With a mission to create a culture of resilience at Georgia Tech, Dr. Christie Stewart supports her students’ well-being by helping them find personal purpose and meaning, adapt to challenges, and integrate setbacks into an overall growth plan.

YouTube Video Series: How Do We Team?

Whether you’re preparing for an online summer course or working on an extracurricular project, chances are you’ll be collaborating remotely. On our new YouTube channel, ETD Director Dr. Mary Lynn Realff shares tips on encouraging contributions so your team can thrive online.

Susan Cozzens: Creating Professional Development Opportunities for Graduate Students

Communication and conflict-management are essential skills for graduate students. Building on ETD's undergraduate curriculum, Dr. Susan Cozzens is collaboratively developing a graduate team science curriculum with tools like team charters and crucial conversations.

Juliana Alfonso: An Alumna MVP of Team Dynamics Training

To work towards a common goal, teammates need to speak the same language and define expectations, Juliana Alfonso advises. Juliana, a newly minted Georgia Tech graduate, shares her seasoned approach to cultivating effective team dynamics.

Figuring Out Positive Team Dynamics

We've all had frustrating team experiences. Maybe one team member feels like they're doing all the work, and another team member feels like their ideas aren't being heard. What if we could make teamwork experiences less painful, and even enjoyable?

Creating a Positive Work Environment @ CRC

Caroline Dotts, the associate director for healthy lifestyle programs at Georgia Tech’s Campus Recreation Complex, shares the way Georgia Tech’s Campus Rec (the CRC) is using CliftonStrengths to create a positive work environment.

Integrating Team Science into Graduate Training

On a quest to prepare STEM graduate students for today’s team-based research environments, Dr. Susan Cozzens at Georgia Tech is leading an interdisciplinary team in the development and implementation of evidence-based "team science."